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MB 5.00 Uncle Josh
244 A1742 Columbia Uncle Josh and Aunt Nancy Smith on a Visit to New York <<<>>> Uncle Josh at the Opera Stewart, Cal E-
245 A271 Columbia Uncle Josh and the Fire Department <<<>>> Cross Your Heart Stewart, Cal Morgan / Stanley E-
246 A291 Columbia Uncle Josh On An Automobile ndl run <<<>>> Hans and Gretchen Stewart, Cal Jones, Ada / Spencer, Len V+
247 A2947 Columbia Jim Lawson's Hogs <<<>>> County Fair at Pumpkin Center Stewart, Cal E-
248 A3544 Columbia The Opera at Pumpkin Center <<<>>> Uncle Josh Buys an Automobile Stewart, Cal E
249 A377 Columbia Uncle Josh at Delmonico's <<<>>> Nellie Dean You're My Hearts Desire; I Love You Stewart, Cal Vocal Quartet Male Voices E-
250 A614 Columbia Uncle Josh and the Sailor <<<>>> Honey Lou Stewart, Cal Collins and Harlan V+
251 1066 Emerson Uncle Josh and Aunt Nancy's Courtship worn <<<>>> Uncle Josh and Aunt Nancy put up the Kitchen Stove Stewart, Cal / Jones, Ada V
252 10123 Emerson Train Time at Pun'kin Centre worn/ndl run <<<>>> Uncle Josh in the Cafeteria Stewart, Cal & Company Stewart, Cal V
253 10189 Emerson Uncle Josh at the Dentist worn <<<>>> The Opera House at Pun'kin Centre Stewart, Cal / Girard, Gilbert Stewart, Cal V
254 2347 Monarch Uncle Josh and Aunt Nancy Visit New York slight ware Stewart, Cal V+
255 3334 Oxford Ground Hog Day at Pumpkin Center Stewart, Cal E-
256 16109 Victor Uncle Josh's Huskin' Bee Dance <<<>>> Last Day of School at Pun'kin Centre Stewart, Cal E-
257 16145 Victor Uncle Josh in Society <<<>>> Uncle Josh at the Opera Stewart, Cal E+
258 16520 Victor Uncle Josh's Second Visit to the Metropolis <<<>>> Uncle Josh in a Department Store Stewart, Cal E-
259 16676 Victor Farmyard Medley <<<>>> Uncle Josh and the Photographer American Quartet Stewart, Cal E
260 17820 Victor War Talk at Pun'kin Centre <<<>>> Uncle Josh in a Barber Shop Stewart, Cal E+
261 17854 Victor The Village Gossips <<<>>> Uncle Josh Buys an Automobile Stewart, Cal / Harlan Stewart, Cal E+
262 18711 Victor Uncle Josh in a Cafeteria <<<>>> Uncle Josh and the Honey Bees Stewart, Cal E
263 18711 Victor Uncle Josh in a Cafeteria <<<>>> Uncle Josh and the Honey Bees Stewart, Cal E
264 18793 Victor Uncle Josh Buys a Victrola <<<>>> Opera at Pun'kin Centre Stewart, Cal E-
MB 5.00 Flexable Discs
265 314 Goodson Oh Maiden, My Maiden <<<>>> It's For You Driscoll, Terence E
266 1088 Hit of the Week Little White Lies Vincent Lopez Orchestra E
267 1097 Hit of the Week Betty Co-ed Phil Spitalny's Music V+
268 1097 Hit of the Week Betty Co-ed Phil Spitalny's Music E+
269 1101 Hit of the Week Somewhere In Old Wyoming Hit of the Week Orchestra E+
270 1128 Hit of the Week Just A Gigolo Vincent Lopez Orchestra E-
271 1146 Hit of the Week Out of Nowhere Harry Reser's Radio Band E-
272 1148 Hit of the Week Were You Sincere Hit of the Week Orchestra E-
273 2 Marconi Anona Columbia Band E+
274 5 Marconi Coronation March (from "The Prophet") Columbia Band E
275 31 Marconi Silver Heels Columbia Band E+
276 39 Marconi Wedding March Columbia Band E
277 42 Marconi Amoureuse Waltz Columbia Band E
278 45 Marconi Jolly Fellows Waltz Columbia Band E
279 46 Marconi La Serenade Columbia Band E
280 132 Marconi Spring Song Columbia Orchestra V+
281 141 Marconi American Beauty Mazurka Rubsam, Edward F. E+
282 153 Marconi Irish Reel Schweinfest V+
283 164 Marconi Yankee Land Ossman, Vess L. E-
284 167 Marconi Columbia Polka Kryl, Bohumir V+
285 197 Marconi Just For To-day (from "The Viceroy") Burr, Henry V+
286 203 Marconi Nobody Seems to Love Me Now Tally, Harry E+
287 222 Marconi When the Trees are White with Blossoms I'll Return scr/ap Burr, Henry V+
288 228 Marconi Anchored Alexander, George E
289 236 Marconi Kathleen Mavourneen rc/nap Myers, J.W. V+
290 248 Marconi Flee as a Bird Alexander, George E
291 260 Marconi Rock of Ages Burr, Henry E-
292 283 Marconi Pocahontas Myers, J.W. E+
293 319 Marconi Hi, Le, Hi, Lo Watson, George P. E-
294 324 Marconi Cross Your Heart Morgan and Stanley E+
295 333 Marconi Just My Style Morgan and Stanley V+
MB 4.00 Odd Labels
296 1592 Ariel Grand (London) Cleopatra Finnegan <<<>>> The Blarney Stone - sol Ariel Military Band V+
297 J-1001 Cesky Rekord Favorite (Bohemian) Bezejmena (Ja te rada mam)-Polka <<<>>> Zvadla Ruse Valcikova Pisen Orchestr Lewis Ruth F. A. Tichy se sv'ym orchestrem V+
298 D-7465 Columbia (London Wien) Ueber den Wellen <<<>>> Donauwellen-Walzer Dostal, Hermann V+
299 61878 61885 Columbia Graphophone (Personal Record) Mit Barndomshem <<<>>> Glom Aldrig Bort de Kara Hultman, J. A. - Komponerad och V+
300 192 Columbia (Advertising Special) Good Night, Little Girl, Good Night Burr, Henry - Orch. Acc. V+
301 DF 3079 Columbia French New Orleans Stomp <<<>>> Chattanooga Stomp King Olivers Jazz Band E+
302 58 Disque Francis Salabert (Paris) Pas Sur La Bouche <<<>>> IL Suffit D'un Rien "Pas Sur La Bouche" Par Koval & les choeurs Par Berval E-
303 14054 Edison Evangeline - original sleeve <<<>>> Just Beyond the Blue Jack Stillman's Orchestra Jack Stillman's Orch. E+
304 2272 Globe Rudolph Valentino (The Great Director Has Called You) - red wax <<<>>> A Package of Old Love Letters (Little Rosewood Casket) Fields, Arthur Herold, Francis V+
305 40157 Golden Throated Claxtonola Call Me Back, Pal O'Mine - nsl <<<>>> Old Kentucky Moonlight Fields, Arthur V+
306 34324 34325 I. C. S. Spanish 49 & 50 <<<>>> Final - rc/nap, lc/5 grvs International Correspondence Schools V+
307 5221 Lyric "The Moon Shines on the Moonshine" <<<>>> "Chile Bean" (Eenie-Meenie-Minie-Mo) Hare, Ernest Whitehouse, Fred V+
308 6146 Lyric Panis Angelicu <<<>>> Cor Meum Et Caro Mea Sistine Chaple Quartet E-
309 5095 Madison When the Organ Played at Twilight - brown wax <<<>>> That's Like It Ought to Be Small, Paul Cloud, Sammy E
310 5123 Operaphone Hello, I've been Looking for You <<<>>> Yock-A-Hilo Town Girard, Emily - Orch. Acc. Peerless Quartet - Orch. V
311 15242 Phantasie Concert Record "Sunny Tennessee" <<<>>> "Sleepin' Pretty Pretty" Whitlock, Walter Turner, Allen V+
312 5003 Phono-Cut Record Co. The Dixie Rube (Medley March) <<<>>> Sliding Jim (Trombone Comedy) National Military Band Colonial Military Band E-
313 5159 Phono-Cut Record Co. I Used to Believe in Fairies <<<>>> Rag-Time Soldier Man (Turkey Trot) Hawthorne, Grace - Orch. Colonial Dance Orchestra E-
314 16026 Polyphon (Germany) Carmen-Fantasie - double sided Prof. Prill, Emil E-
315 178 The Bob Record (St. Glasgow) Temptation Rag <<<>>> Policman's Holiday H. M. Irish Guards Band V
316 382 The Twin Double Sided Disc Black and Tan Polka - nsl <<<>>> P. & O. Polka "Twins" Grand Orchestra V+
317 2261 The Winner (British) Hitchy-Koo <<<>>> Robert E. Lee American Ragtime Octette E-
318 L-16010 Victor 10" Program Transcription Music From The Student Prince Crawford, Jesse V+
319 L-16015 Victor 10" Program Transcription Dance Selections Warings Pennsylvanians E
320 L-16016 Victor 10" Program Transcription Music From Flying Colors Warings Pennsylvanians E-
321 L-24020 Victor 10" Program Transcription Restful Organ Music No.2 Parts 1 & 2 O'Connell, Charles E
322 0125 Victor Pict-Ur-Music March and Impromptu Orchestra E-
323 1728 Zonophone The TWIN (England) Druid's Prayer, Waltz <<<>>> Granville Waltz Professor Granville E-
MB 4.00 Odd Spindle Size
324 D569 Aretino Uncle Josh has His Photographs Taken - lc on B-side <<<>>> Big Red Shawl Stewart, Cal Stanley and Burr w/Orch V
325 D613 Aretino Way Down Yonder in the Cornfield <<<>>> Down Where the Sweet Potatoes Grow Vocal Quart Collins and Harlan V+
326 D651 Aretino My Cousin Caruso <<<>>> Oh, You Candy Kid Harlan, Byron Jones, Ada w/Orchestra V
327 2051 Busy-Bee The Gondolier's Waltz - grainy Band V+
328 5105 Busy-Bee IOLA INTERMEZZO - grainy Xylophone w/Orchestra V+
329 5706 Busy-Bee Where the Silvery Colorado Wends It's Way - grainy Baritone Solo V+
330 A-49 Busy-Bee The Gondolier - worn Orchestra V
331 A-78 Busy-Bee Since Arrah Wanna Married Barney Carney - rc/nap Duet V
332 D 22 Busy-Bee Smarty - grainy <<<>>> School Days Not Listed V+
333 A772 Diamond Bonnie Sweet Bessie <<<>>> Sweet Genevieve Mezzo-Soprano Solo
334 A160 Harmony Darkey Tickle <<<>>> The Invincible Eagle March Harmony Orchestra E
335 A220 Harmony Chicken Chowder - ndl dig <<<>>> Policy King March Ossman-Dudley Trio Ossman, Vess L. w/Orch E-
336 A232 Harmony The Colored Major <<<>>> Dance of the Fireflies Ossman, Vess L. Rubsam, Edward F. w/Orch E-
337 1504 Harmony Disc Uncle Josh at a Meeting of the School House Directions - scuffs Not Listed V+
338 A300 Harmony Disc A Monkey on a String <<<>>> My Dusky Rose (Coon Song) Stewart, Cal w/Orch Collins, Arthur w/Orch V+
339 A320 Harmony Disc Come Take a Trip in My Airship <<<>>> When the Bell in the Lighthouse Rings Ding Dong Baritone Solo w/Orch E+
340 60 Standard Disc The Holy City - grainy Tenor Solo V
341 240 Standard Disc Wedding March (Mendelssohn) Band E-
342 1768 Standard Disc I'm Just Barely Living Dat's All Baritone Solo w/Orch E-
343 3023 Standard Disc Jesus, Lover of My Soul (Sacred) Tenor Solo E-
344 3055 Standard Disc Kentucky Babe Vocal Quartette-Male Voices V+
345 3290 Standard Disc The Whistler and His Dog - nd at start Band V+
346 3388 Standard Disc You're A Grand Old Rag Tenor Solo w/Orch E-
347 3405 Standard Disc Sliding Jim (A Trombone Extravaganza) Band E
348 3470 Standard Disc A Barnyard Serenade (descriptive) - ndl run Talking V+
349 3603 Standard Disc Won't You Come Over To My House Tenor Solo w/Orch V+
350 3706 Standard Disc Uncle Josh Joins The Grangers - scuffs/grainy Not Listed V
351 10554 Standard Disc Whistling Song Band E+
352 25963 Standard Disc Bells of St. Malo (with chimes) Band V+
353 A 78 Standard Disc Star Spangled Banner <<<>>> Directorate March Band E-
354 A1037 Standard Disc Song Without Words <<<>>> The Broken Melody Standard Orchestra E-
355 A108 Standard Disc Roosevelt's Inaugural Parade <<<>>> Irish King (March) Band V+
356 A1109 Standard Disc Gentle Annie <<<>>> Baby's Lullaby Clark, Carroll w/Orch E-
357 A1167 Standard Disc The Songs of the Village Women <<<>>> Salome Intermezzo Standard Band E
358 A147 Standard Disc Spring Song <<<>>> Frauenherz Mazurka Standard Orchestra E
359 A15 Standard Disc Otello (Potpourri) <<<>>> Anvil Chorus from "Il Trovatore" Standard Band E+
360 A236 Standard Disc Abide With Me <<<>>> Where Is My Wandering Boy To-Night Baritone Solo w/Orch Tenor Solo E
361 A256 Standard Disc Palm Branches <<<>>> Face To Face (Sacred) Baritone & Tenor Duet Burr, Henry w/Orch E+
362 A295 Standard Disc Negro Shout Turkey in the Straw <<<>>> Why Don't You Write When You Don't Need Money Not Listed Baritone Solo w/Orch V+
363 A355 Standard Disc Uncle Josh and the Labor Union <<<>>> Descriptive Medley Not Listed Vocal Quartette E-
364 A400 Standard Disc Uncle Josh's New Year Pledge - scr/ap <<<>>> The Tale of a Stroll Not Listed Duet w/ Orch V
365 A400 Standard Disc Uncle Josh's New Year Pledge - LC 1" <<<>>> The Tale of a Stroll Not Listed Duet w/ Orch V+
366 A401 Standard Disc The Eclipse of the Sun at Pumpkin Center - scuffs <<<>>> Susan, Kiss Me Good and Hard (Coon Song) Stewart, Cal Collins and Harlan V+
367 A408 Standard Disc Parson Jones' Three Reasons <<<>>> Thim Were The Happy Days Baritone Solo Talking V+
368 A423 Standard Disc Black Jim - scr/ap <<<>>> I'm Afraid to come home in the Dark Vocal Quartette Tenor Solo E-
369 A635 Standard Disc Uncle Josh Weatherby Keeps House <<<>>> The Widow Dooley Talking E-
370 A641 Standard Disc Roses Bring Dreams of You <<<>>> In the Garden of My Heart Vocal Quartette Baritone & Tenor Duet E
371 A660 Standard Disc A Bunch of Roses <<<>>> Himno Nacional De La Republic De Panama Band E-
372 A770 Standard Disc Darling Nellie Gray <<<>>> If I Could Gain The World By Wishing Baritone Solo w/Orch Tenor Solo w/Orch E-
373 A78 Standard Disc Directorato Marot - ndl run <<<>>> Star Spangled Banner Band E-
374 A933 Standard Disc Jim Bludsoe Dramatic Recitation <<<>>> In Bohemia Davenport, Edgar L. E
375 A1058 United Knock Wood - scuffs <<<>>> That Peculiar Rag Jones, Ada / Van Brunt Morton, Ed. w/Orch V+
376 A228 United Maple Leaf Rag - scuffs <<<>>> Jiggs and Reels Medley Ossman, Vess L. w/Orch Biedermann, Walter w/Orch V+
377 A376 United Evening Time at Pumpkin Center <<<>>> I'se Gwine Back to Dixie Stewart, Cal Standard Male Quartette E-
378 A420 United Uncle Josh Gets A Letter from Home - hole chipped & lc/nap <<<>>> When the Sheep are in the Fold, Jennie Dear Stewart, Cal Standard Male Quartette V+
379 A664 United The Yama Yama Man - ndl dig <<<>>> Did He Run? Jones, Ada Standard Quartette w/Orch V+
380 A962 United Mother O' Mine <<<>>> In Old Madrid Archibald, Vernon w/Orch V+
MB 4.00 Diamond Disc
381 50153 Etched Label Flanagan and His Motor Car <<<>>> When Uncle Joe Plays a Rag on His Old Banjo Vaudeville Coon Song w/ Orchestra E+
382 50264 Etched Label Uncle Josh Keeps House <<<>>> Uncle Josh in a Barber Shop Stewart, Cal V+
383 50264 Etched Label Uncle Josh in a Barber Shop <<<>>> Uncle Josh Keeps House Stewart, Cal E-
384 50289 Etched Label Dixie <<<>>> Dixie New York Military Band Metropolitan Mixed Chorus E
385 50348 Etched Label Yaaka Hula Kickey Dula (Hawaiian Love Song) ndl run <<<>>> On the Hoko Moko Isle Van Brunt, Walter Collins and Harlan V+
386 50382 Etched Label Christmas Eve (A fantasie on Old German Christmas Carols) <<<>>> Why The Chimes Rang, An Old Time Christmas Story Gayler, Robert Bailey, Edna E-
387 50400 Etched Label The Woodpecker (Bed Time Story) surface scuff <<<>>> Raggylug Goddard, Alice V
388 50416 Etched Label The Kiss Waltz- Her Soldier Boy <<<>>> Oh! Boy- Fox Trot Jaudas' Society Orchestra E-
389 50493 Etched Label Indianola rc/nap <<<>>> Down In The Jungle Land Murray, Billy Collins and Harlan E
390 50509 Etched Label Let Us Not Forget- A Message To The American People lc 1/4" nap <<<>>> Nationa Airs of the Allies Edison, Thomas A. New York Military Band E-
391 50520 Etched Label A Coon 'possum Hunt <<<>>> The Preacher and the Bear Golden and Heins Collins, Arthur E-
392 50520 Etched Label The Preacher and the Bear rc/nap <<<>>> A Coon 'possum Hunt Collins, Arthur Golden and Heins V+
393 50532 Etched Label The Coon Waiters <<<>>> At The County Fair Golden and Marlowe Knight, Harlan E. & Co. E-
394 50542 Etched Label Nigger Blues scr/ap <<<>>> Satan, I'm Here (I Couldn't Stand For A Triflin' Man) Bernard, Al Hare, Ernest V+
395 50599 Etched Label Uncle Josh and Aunt Nancy Put Up the Kitchen Stove <<<>>> Uncle Josh and The Honey Bees Stewart, Cal / Jones, Ada Stewart, Cal E
396 50601 Etched Label Say It Again <<<>>> Alexander's Band Is Back In Dixieland Grant, Rachael / Murray, Billy Premier Quartet E
397 50627 Etched Label Sipping Cider Thru A Straw <<<>>> Freckles Collins and Harlan Harvey, Bert V+
398 50638 Etched Label You'd Be Surprised <<<>>> Sahara (We'll Soon Be Dry Like You) Murray, Billy E
399 50647 Etched Label Snoops The Lawyer <<<>>> I Come From Get-It-Land Burkhart, Maurice Bernard, Al / Hare, Ernest E
400 50657 Etched Label "O" (Oh!) <<<>>> Who Ate Napoleons With Josephine (When Bonaparte Was Away?) Murray, Billy Burkhart, Maurice V+
401 50689 Etched Label Uncle Josh's Birthday rc/nap <<<>>> Ragtime At Pun'kin Center Stewart, Cal V+
402 80507 Etched Label The Song Of Ages- Christmas Song <<<>>> Christmas Bells are Ringing Metropolitan Quartet E
403 82562 Etched Label Little Alabama Coon <<<>>> Father O' Flynn Hempel, Frieda Middleton, Arthur V+
404 3070 3074 Etched Label The Jolly Coppersmith March <<<>>> The Guardmount-Patrol Band E-
405 10067 Paper Label Holiday Greetings from The Bunch at Orange (w/sleeve) (label on record stained, and discolored, rc/nap) (sleeve very brittle, tattered with several small tears) Thomas & Charles Edison The Bunch at Orange V+
406 50195 Paper Label Dixie Medley <<<>>> Infanta March Van Eps, Fred E+
407 50302 Paper Label O Little Town Of Bethlehem sol <<<>>> Once In Royal David's City The Carol Singers E
408 50357 Paper Label Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You <<<>>> Are You From Dixie? (Cause I'm From Dixie Too) Van Brunt, Walter Murray, Billy V+
409 50374 Paper Label A Love-sick Coon Lt-1/3 <<<>>> When That Little Yellow Fellow Plays The Piano Golden and Marlowe ?-label missing E-
410 50850 Paper Label Three O'Clock In The Morning ndl drop <<<>>> Rosy Cheeks- Fox Trot Club De Vingt Orchestra V+
411 50850 Paper Label Rosy Cheeks <<<>>> Three O'Clock In The Morning Club De Vingt Orchestra V+
412 50855 Paper Label Plantation Lullaby sol <<<>>> Ten Little Fingers And Ten Little Toes (Down In Tennessee) Crescent Trio Jones, Billy / Hare, Ernest E
413 50890 Paper Label Tuck Me To Sleep (In My Old Kentucky Home) <<<>>> In My Heart, On My Mind All Day Long & I Wonder If You Still Care For Me Chiha, Lou "Friscoe" E
414 50986 Paper Label Kindness <<<>>> Everybody Calls Her Sunshine The Harmony Four Ballard, George Wilton E
415 51024 Paper Label Yiddisher Jazz <<<>>> Levinsky's Jubilee Rose, Julian E-
416 51112 Paper Label Cocoanut Dance <<<>>> Chinese Picnic and Oriental Dance Van Eps, Fred E+
417 51145 Paper Label Medley of Southern Melodies <<<>>> Darkey's Dream and Darkey's Awakening Van Eps, Fred E+
418 51243 Paper Label Drigo's Serenade <<<>>> Indiana Moon Waltz Harry Barth's Mississippians E
419 51402 Paper Label Georgia Lullaby <<<>>> Wasted Tears Clark, Helen / Hart, Charles Doherty, James E
420 51557 Paper Label In The Baggage Coach Ahead <<<>>> Many, Many Years Ago Dalhart, Vernon & Co. E
421 51806 Paper Label Mary Lou scr/ap <<<>>> Oh! If I Only Had You Yellman, Duke & His Orchestra E-
422 51922 Paper Label Sweet Adeline, You're The Flower of My Heart <<<>>> Maggie Murphy's Home Metropolitan Mixed Chorus E
423 51949 Paper Label Don't Let The Deal Go Down <<<>>> Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie Dalhart, Vernon E-
424 51962 Paper Label The Cat (A Spooky Novelty!) <<<>>> Pardon The Glove (Fast and Hot Fox Trot) Napoleon, Phil Voorhees, Don E+
425 52150 Paper Label I'm In Heaven When I See You Smile Diane <<<>>> Among My Souvenirs The Rollickers Harrison, Charles E+
426 52151 Paper Label Pullman Porters <<<>>> All At Sea Two Dark Knights E+
427 52298 Paper Label Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor (All Waiting at the Old Barn Door) scr/ap <<<>>> What's The Color Of A Yellow Horse? Kaufman, Jack & The 7 Blue Babies E
428 52408 Paper Label There Ain't No Sweet Man That's Worth The Salt of My Tears ndl run <<<>>> I Ain't Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares For Me) De Leath, Vaughn (The Radio Girl) E-
429 82046 Paper Label Hungarian Dance No. 7 sol <<<>>> (a) Schon Rosmarin (b) L'Arlesienne-Intermezzo Spalding, Albert E
MB 10.00 Picture Records
430 5055/5056 Mercury Kokomo Indiana <<<>>> You Do Dick Two Ton Baker E+
431 17-4000 RCA/Victor Adorable <<<>>> My First Love To Last Reisman & Orch. Janet Gaynor & Henry Garat E+
432 R707 Vogue Sugar Blues <<<>>> Basin Street Blues Clyde McCoy E-
433 R718 Vogue In The Dog House Now <<<>>> Some Sunday Morning Lulu Belle & Scotty E-
434 R731 Vogue Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea <<<>>> You Took Advantage Of Me Marion Mann E+
435 R733 Vogue Blue Skies <<<>>> Seville The Hour Of Charm All Girl Orchestra E
436 2242-2D Capitol 8" 14 Carrot Chritmas from Capitol Records <<<>>> Happy 1948, with Original Sleeve Nelson Eddy E
437 M-22 Charles Eckart 8" Rub A Dub Dub (1941 Los Angeles) N/A E
438 M-23 Charles Eckart 8" Jack & Jill (1941 Los Angeles) N/A E+
439 N/A Columbia 4" Square A Li'l Podner - Honesty (small crease ap) <<<>>> Lipton Soup Jingle 1957 Li'l Podner V+
440 2 Famous Record 8" The Great Zigfeld (Recorded by RCA) Luise Rainer E+
441 5 Famous Record 8" Mousie (Recorded by RCA) Joe E. Brown E+
442 N/A GEM 10" Recording Disc This is a recording disc issued by GEM Blades. Is has a picture on one side and says Salute to our Commander-In-Chief. This is unused and in MINT condition. N/A M
443 T-1 Magic Talking Book The Mother Goose Book, 1955 Macklin, James E
444 T-10 Magic Talking Book The Tale of Peter Rabbit, 1955 Macklin, James V+
445 T-17 Magic Talking Book Night Before Christmas, 1955 Macklin, James E
446 T-3 Magic Talking Book The Speedy Little Taxi, 1955 Macklin, James E-
447 T-4 Magic Talking Book Noah's Ark! 1955 Macklin, James E
448 T-5 Magic Talking Book The Magic ABC Book, 1955 Macklin, James E-
449 T-6 Magic Talking Book The Musical Toy Parade 1955 Macklin, James E-
450 T-9 Magic Talking Book The Singing Hansel and Gretel, 1955 Macklin, James V+
451 10166 10266 PicturTone 6 1/2" A Story Without An End <<<>>> Belling The Cat N/A E+
452 10566 10666 PicturTone 6 1/2" The Fisherman & The Genie <<<>>> The Pot Of Jam N/A E-
453 D455/456 PicturTone 6 1/2" Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me <<<>>> The Mexican Hat Dance Merry Singers E
454 G206 PicturTone 6 1/2" Birthday Greetings (Greetingsong) N/A E
455 G209 PicturTone 6 1/2" Mother Dear (Geetingsong) N/A E+
456 H91/92 PicturTone 6 1/2" Ring Dong Ding Dong <<<>>> Christmas Comes But Once A Year Merry Singers E+
457 H93/94 PicturTone 6 1/2" Jolly Old St. Nicholas <<<>>> Deck The Halls Merry Singers E
458 H95/96 PicturTone 6 1/2" The First Noel <<<>>> Jingle Bells Merry Singers E+
459 M303/304 PicturTone 6 1/2" Three Blind Mice <<<>>> We'll All Go A-Singing Merry Singers E
460 M309/310 PicturTone 6 1/2" Pop Goes The Weasel <<<>>> Oh Dear! What Can The Matter Be? Merry Singers E+
461 P11/12 PicturTone 6 1/2" Farmer In The Dell <<<>>> In and Out The Window Merry Singers E
462 P13/14 PicturTone 6 1/2" Ring Around The Rosy <<<>>> Planting Corn Merry Singers E
463 MG5/6 Playsong 6 1/2" Simple Simon / The Old Woman <<<>>> Little Boy Blue / Little Bo Peep Mother Goose Players E+
464 MG9/10 Playsong 6 1/2" Humpty Dumpty / Little Boggen King <<<>>> The Women In The Shoe / Old Mother Hubbard Mother Goose Players E
465 WW39/40 Playsong 6 1/2" Jesse James <<<>>> The Indians Lament Wild West Singers E+
466 N/A Rainbow 5" Packard Bell Girl, lam cracks <<<>>> Packard Bell Girl holding a Microphone (Yellow Tint) N/A V+
467 N/A Rainbow 5" Packard Bell Girl, lam cracks (Older Version Different Girl) <<<>>> Packard Bell Girl holding a Microphone (Orange Tint) N/A V+
468 N/A Rainbow 7" USO Recording Disc, lam cracks N/A V+
469 N/A Rainbow 7" Army Air Force Song "Keep 'Em Flying" Pierce Brothers Chapel Quar. E
470 2 Record Guild 5 1/2" Come All Ye Faithful (Seasons Greetings Series) with mailer N/A E+
471 4 Record Guild 5 1/2" It Came Upon A Midnight Clear with mailer N/A E+
472 5 Record Guild 5 1/2" Jingle Bells with mailer N/A E+
473 C3011 Record Guild 6 1/2" Come All Ye Faithful <<<>>> It Came Upon A Midnight Clear N/A E+
474 C3012 Record Guild 6 1/2" Seasons Greetings <<<>>> Auld Lang Syne N/A E
475 C7013 Record Guild 6 1/2" The First Noel <<<>>> Wassail Song Vocal w/Orch E+
476 F301 Record Guild 6 1/2" Flash Gordon Parts 1 & 2 N/A E+
477 F401 Record Guild 6 1/2" Red Ryder Parts 1 & 2 N/A E+
478 F501 Record Guild 6 1/2" Terry and the Pirates Parts 1 & 2 N/A E+
479 F601 Record Guild 6 1/2" Popeye Parts 1 & 2 N/A E+
480 G4011 Record Guild 6 1/2" The Farmer In The Dell <<<>>> All Around The Mulberry Bush N/A E
481 G4012 Record Guild 6 1/2" A Hunting We Will Go <<<>>> London Bridge N/A E
482 M5015 Record Guild 6 1/2" Skip To My Lou <<<>>> Oh Susanna Vocal w/Orch E
483 M5016 Record Guild 6 1/2" Cockels and Mussels <<<>>> Alouette Vocal w/Orch E+
484 M5020 Record Guild 6 1/2" Red River Valley, lc/nap <<<>>> Working On The Railroad Vocal w/Orch V+
485 S2010 Record Guild 6 1/2" Hey Diddle Diddle / Cock A Doodle Doo <<<>>> Goosey Goosey Gander / Hickety Pickety My Black Hen N/A E
486 S2014 Record Guild 6 1/2" There was a Little Girl / Hickory Dickory Dock <<<>>> Old King Cole / There was a Crooked Man N/A E
487 S2015 Record Guild 6 1/2" A Dillar Dollar / To Market To Market <<<>>> Hot Cross Buns / Baa Baa Black Sheep N/A E
488 S2017 Record Guild 6 1/2" Where Has My Little Dog Gone / Old Mother Hubbard <<<>>> Little Tommy Tucker / Jack Be Nimble N/A E
489 S2022 Record Guild 6 1/2" Ride A Cockhorse <<<>>> Georgie Porgie N/A E
490 S2023 Record Guild 6 1/2" Fiddle De De <<<>>> Jack and Jill N/A E
491 S2024 Record Guild 6 1/2" Pretty Polly <<<>>> Three Blind Mice N/A E
492 S2028 Record Guild 6 1/2" Twinkle Twinkle Little Star <<<>>> Rain Rain Go Away Vocal w/Orch E
493 T1010 Record Guild 6 1/2" Jack and the Beanstalk <<<>>> The Emperors New Clothes N/A E+
494 T1012 Record Guild 6 1/2" Snow Drop and the Dwarfs <<<>>> Rum-Pel-Stil-Skin N/A E
495 T1013 Record Guild 6 1/2" Cinderella <<<>>> The Ugly Duckling N/A E
496 RD-200 Rhapsody 6 1/2" Ten Little Indians <<<>>> Rhapsody Records Santa Monica, Ca Esquire Trio E+
497 21579-1E Talkin Photo Corp. 6" Picture Record Talking by Lewis Cody *Rare* Picture on one side, recording on the other 1923. Lewis Cody E+
498 1461-10 Talking Book Corp The Fox, 4" Record attached to Die Cut Fox N/A E+
499 827-2 Talking Book Corp I Am A Parrot, 4" Record Attached to a Die Cut Parrot N/A E
500 1 Thomas Nelson 7" The Songs Of Wild Birds <<<>>> Recorded at Cornell Unv. 1933 Real Live Birds E+
501 5 Thomas Nelson 7" The Songs Of Wild Birds <<<>>> Recorded at Cornell Unv. 1933 Real Live Birds E+
502 515/615 Voco 7" Tick Tock <<<>>> A Frog Went Walking N/A E-
503 516/616 Voco 7" I Love The Flag <<<>>> Sing A Song Of Sixpence N/A E
504 517/617 Voco 7" For He's A Jolly Good Fellow <<<>>> Happy Birthday To You N/A V+
505 519/619 Voco 7" Let Mommy Know Where You Are <<<>>> Round The Mulberry Bush N/A V+
506 534/634 Voco 7" Sourwood Mountain <<<>>> The Lone Prairie Voco Rangers E+

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